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Extension of material documents in S/4HANA

DBSQL_REDIRECT_INCONSISTENCY –I have come across a lot of “dumps” during the years as an ABAP developer. But this was new. What had happened?
Maic, who is an ABAP cookbook author reports on hurdles and solutions for dealing with S / 4HANA-related changes in the data model of logistics.

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Offline-capable UI5-Application with IndexedDB and extended OData Model

During these times of the pandemic, more and more activities have been shifting to remote work, here in Germany known as “home office”. This additional data traffic has been increasingly burdening the infrastructure and there is a requirement to keep certain functions of an application available, even in areas free of Wi-fi and mobile communications. [More…]

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Unit-Tests 2/3: ABAP in Eclipse

The development environment Eclipse became known through the programming language Java. For some years, though, Eclipse has also supported programming with ABAP. Many Java developers swear by the development environment as it offers many opportunities to simplify development and improve the quality of the source code. [More…]

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